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GniomCheck Discovery Kit

GniomCheck Discovery Kit

Intestinal microbiota test


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A self-test to be carried out at home: easy, practical and effective

GniomCheck is a self-test that allows you to take a stool sample in a familiar environment, at home for example.

GniomCheck is an innovative analysis of the intestinal flora based on the DNA of bacteria. This analysis does not only identify certain bacterial strains (like previously known methods), but detects and interprets almost the entire spectrum of intestinal bacteria. It requires a tiny stool sample, which can easily be taken at home, before being sent to the laboratory. A stool sample as small as a pinhead contains enough microbial DNA to represent the entire gut bacterial genome and reveal your gut flora profile. Important note: we do not analyse human DNA, but microbial DNA (i.e. DNA from gut bacteria).

The results give an indication of your gut flora profile, as well as personalised recommendations for improving your microbiota. An individualised dietary programme based on the gut flora allows the nutritional advice to be implemented. After all, only a balanced and varied ecosystem of gut bacteria can fulfil its functions in the body and contribute to the efficiency of your immune system, your mental strength and your well-being.


Full analysis

The analysis provides information on :

  • Digestion
  • The permeability of the intestinal mucosa
  • Factors promoting inflammation and constipation
  • The immune system and vitamin synthesis
  • Tendency towards acquired lactose and fructose intolerance
  • Calorie absorption and weight control
  • Diversity of gut bacteria
  • Personalised nutritional advice to improve the gut flora
  • NEW Bacteria that influence sleep quality and the cardiovascular system

The assessment includes not only test results on the balance and quality of the gut flora, but also personalised advice on how to improve it. Due to their complexity, the laboratory procedures take about two to four weeks (after receipt of the sample). The results are available online at a very secure and privacy-friendly GniomCheck domain ( If you have any questions about this, customer service is available by e-mail ( or by telephone, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (

The test is not recommended for children under the age of 14.


Why do the test?.

The test is indicated when:

  • You have digestive problems.
  • You think you have a weak immune system.
  • You want to improve your physical condition.
  • You need nutritional advice specifically tailored to your gut.
  • You want to know and understand your body better.
  • You don't sleep well and often feel uncomfortable.

GniomCheck is also the first to offer dietary programmes specifically tailored to the needs of your gut. The programme is tailor-made for you, based on the following elements.

  • The profile of your intestinal flora, determined thanks to the results of GniomCheck
  • Your objective: weight loss, muscle mass gain or strengthening the immune system
  • Your level of physical activity, both in your leisure time and in your profession
  • Your dietary preferences (omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan diet)

Difference from routine/physician-prescribed testing methods

The difference to many of the tests known so far is the method of analysis. Standard laboratory tests (e.g. those prescribed by a doctor) require a large quantity of stool, which is inoculated onto a nutrient medium. After a few days, the multiplication of the bacteria present is quantified and conclusions can be drawn about their colonisation in the gut. However, with this so-called culture method, many bacteria die during the transport of the sample to the laboratory (e.g. because they cannot live under oxygen), which greatly changes the proportion of remaining bacteria. With this classical method, only about 15-20% of the intestinal bacteria can be analysed.

Physioquanta works in a completely different way: the bacteria also have DNA, which is found in the smallest quantities of stool. The GniomCheck collection bottle therefore contains a DNA-stabilising solution, which is able to preserve the bacteria present at the time of collection for months. In the laboratory, we then obtain an accurate image of almost all known bacteria using the most modern DNA sequencing methods (Next Generation Sequencing). This image is interpreted with the help of the knowledge base, which contains the results of more than 6,000 scientific studies on the intestinal flora. Each customer thus receives an individual assessment, presented in an understandable way and requiring no prior knowledge.

In this way, GniomCheck identifies almost all of your gut bacteria.


What does the GniomCheck box contain?

The box contains everything you need to perform the test with ease: 1 sterile cotton swab, 1 collection bottle, 1 postage paid return envelope and 1 instruction flyer.

For a complete analysis of the intestinal flora, a stool sample the size of a pinhead is sufficient. To collect it quickly and easily, simply dab the cotton swab provided onto the toilet paper and insert it into the bottle. The sample should then be sent to Physioquanta in the enclosed postage-paid envelope.

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