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Flasche mit 100 ml



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INGREDIENTS for 10 ml :

Aqueous dry extract of eleutherococcus root: 320 mg

Aqueous liquid extract of birch leaf: 319 mg

Aqueous liquid extract of nettle root: 85.5 mg

Aqueous liquid extract of olive leaf: 85.5 mg

Mixture of organic plant embryos in equal parts (fig leaf bud, young bird's-foot mountain ash leaf bud, red vine leaf bud, beech bud, rose hip leaf bud, olive leaf bud, linden leaf bud): 45.6 mg each

Aqueous dry extract of green tea: equivalent to 2.6g of green tea leaf extract, so caffeine 33 mg

Liquid hydroalcoholic extract of saffron stigmas: 10 mg

Natural blackcurrant flavouring

Citric acid

Salt of the dead sea

Sodium benzoate

Potassium sorbate


Directions for use:
10 ml throughout the day or as recommended by your health practitioner.
Presentation :
Bottle of 100 ml


Obligatory mentions :

Not recommended for children, teenagers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people suffering from allergy to salicylates and people under antidepressant or anti-coagulant treatment. Ask your doctor &/or pharmacist for advice. Do not take outside of mealtime. Maximum dosage: 300mg of EGCG per day.

European regulation:

Regulation No. 432/2012 of the European Commission of 16/05/2012 stipulates that no claims relating to the reduction or cure of a disease may be associated with food supplement type products.

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